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Surprise Gift from Shark Daymond John

Special Gift from Shark Daymond John

We were totally surprised, but at the same time, extremely proud for having received a congratulations video from the famous American billionaire – Shark Daymond John.

This special attention to the LiveTrade team and our application is a great encouragement and motivation supporting us to strive even harder and bring the company’s products and services closer to businesses and investors worldwide. This is also a testament that LiveTrade’s efforts and strategies have started to bring actual effects despite the difficulties and prejudices in the beginning, thereby, reinforcing the confidence and trust of investors who have been, are and will be accompanying LiveTrade on the journey of perfecting our upcoming services and products.

The LiveTrade team truly appreciates the support, companionship and understanding from investors. All decisions made by the company will aim at the goal to offer the most sustainable and long-term benefits to investors and the community.

Many thanks to Shark Daymond John and all the LiveTraders. Let’s achieve even greater success together!

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