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“Hard working and working to the end.”

Stringency and speciality are at the core of everything we do, LiveTrade’s team constantly and endurably maintain and uphold this value. Each and every one of our members, from our Board of Management down to our newest interns, has a passion for finance and a genuine desire to make every one of our projects for you absolutely perfect – because they know what makes it so from first-hand experience!

Getting successful is the heading of LiveTrade, we are extremely grateful to our distributors, agents and strategic partners inside and outside of nation, who have accompanied and developed with us with the spirit “one way, one future” all the time.  


Le Pham

Chief Executive Officer

Le is an experienced entrepreneur who has spearheaded several businesses in the e-commerce, e-learning, and FinTech industries. Today, his entrepreneurial spirit drives him towards the development of new technologies, with a dedicated focus towards Big Data and Blockchain to assist traders and investors across the full spectrum.


Chief Marketing Officer

With world-class tactical execution and analytical skills, Ana has helped some reputable finance niches to drive targeted traffic to their website through social media platform. Thanks to her creative customer-service mindset and solid understanding of SEO and content-marketing, LiveTrade is on its way to become one of the most vibrant communities for traders.


Lead Product Designer

Sem is an expert in the delivery of complex IT projects. Besides providing UI, UX to our applications and to tackle deeper challenges of the user-centric approach for blockchain design, he is also responsible for leading the vision, strategy and execution of the end-to-end consumer experience of LiveTrade’s evolving value creation through our platform.


Chief Information Officer

Equipped with years of experience working in multiple of innovative IT service providers. John, as Chief Information Officer, plays a key leadership role in the critical strategic, technical and management initiatives — from information security and algorithms to customer experience and leveraging data — that mitigate threats and drive business growth.


Chief Compliance Officer

Being accountable for risk management with a global view and proactive thinking, Trang is now working as LiveTrade’s Chief Compliance Officer who plays a key role in leading the development of whole-of-organizational strategies that support LiveTrade’s social platforms and services to achieve our objectives and to comply with the required standards and legislation.


Chief Financial Officer

With over 20 years of rich experience in financial management, Steve has a principal position in controlling and actually allocating LiveTrade’s financial resources in the most appropriate way in order to reach our short and long term goals. His smart and precise decisions are making big contributions to the company’s finance, ensuring a solid base for continuous and stable growth.


We have in place informal Executive Advisory Board with appointments made by the Board of Directors. The role of the Executive Advisory Board will be to assist our management with general business and strategic planning. We intend to compensate the Executive Advisory Board members with any combination of cash, common stocks or stock options.

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