BDS token has been officially issued under DIPO model

BDS token is listed under DIPO model

On January 30th, 2021, 3,000,000 BDS tokens have been officially issued under LiveTrade’s DIPO model. BDS token is a cooperated project by BDS Holding LLC, a U.S-based company specialized on real estate fundraising and Big Group, a Vietnamese corporation pioneers in the field of real estate with an innovating crowdfunding model.

This utility token is among the first implications of blockchain technology to real estate businesses. BDS Holding expects this token project to support the company in attracting real estate investment with great efficiency. In additions, Big Group can connect the conventional BIG ecosystem to the dynamic digital world, applying blockchain’s security and processing speed to improve the investment process of real estate projects.

The features of BDS concentrate on the BIG ecosystem, bringing investors enormous benefits, including:

Up to 15% annual rewards, distributing daily

Discount in renting and leasing community’s properties.

Discount or free access to professional investment and training courses.

Unlock additional capital Invest and capitalize on users’ properties and assets

Low interest rate borrowing using BDS and properties as collateral

Peer-to-peer lending among token holders.

BDS holders will have ability to convert into the existing Bigshare points and even BIG’s stocks on Ho Chi Minh and Hanoi stock exchanges

Most of BDS token has been already distributed to Big Group’s investors and shareholders, hence, there are only 150,000 tokens listed on VNDC DIPO platform. The opportunity is passing by rather quickly, if VNDC users miss this window, they have to wait until the next token offering which is not on schedule for the next few months.

Roadmap for BDS token and the BIG ecosystem

BDS token is planned to be an investment vehicle in the BIG ecosystem and tradable on digital platforms to ensure the token’s continuous increase in value, offering high interest for investors.

March 2021Launching course registration feature in the BIG ecosystem
April 2021Launching P2P transaction feature in the VNDC platform
May 2021Listing on Nami ExchangeLaunching Credit Lines feature (with BDS tokens as collaterals) for loans of other digital assets on the VNDC platform
June 2021Launching renting feature in the BIG ecosystem
August 2021Enabling personally-owned property leasing in the BIG ecosystem
October 2021Enabling P2P lending between investors in the BIG ecosystem
December 2021Enabling Bigshare point conversion 

* The information herein is for reference only and subject to changes and updates from time to time as announced by the Company.

About BDS token

BDS is a utility token deployed by BDS Holding LLC on Ethereum platform with ERC20 standard. The Company cooperates with Big Group to boost the fundraising processes for real estate projects in the BIG ecosystem and develop features, services and benefits for investors in the Vietnamese market.

BDS not only contributes to the scale and value development of the BIG ecosystem but also plays as an effective investment tool for investors of all classes. By organizing crowdfunding events, the Company leverages experiences and knowledge from many experts of the field, giving token holders better opportunities to exploit highly profitable real estate and avoid the risks of lonesome investing.

About BDS Holding LLC

BDS Holding LLC is a U.S-based company specialized on supporting real estate projects in fundraising. The Company is set to become the pioneer in applying blockchain technology implications to real estate investment and management, connecting investors with projects from anywhere in the globe.

About Big Group

Big Group is a proud corporation spearheaded in adopting the crowdfunding model in the field of real estate. Over the past few years, Big Group’s projects have been expanding in both scales and speed, facilitating numerous investment opportunities for investors of all classes with increased profits and reduced risks.

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