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Why LiveTrade ?

Enjoy the Blockchain-Less Experience

By keeping a balance between giving easy access to beginners and improving upon important elements for experienced traders, LiveTrade has positioned itself as one of the friendliest multi-asset trading platforms.

We Are Legal and Regulatory Compliant

The LiveTrade Exchange does not run away from regulation but towards it. LiveTrade will be fully regulated, adhering to the strict guidelines of our operation jurisdictions.

We Embed the “People” Formula into Our Business

The successful bottom line of every business comes down to a very simple formula: PEOPLE. From the moment you open your account, LiveTrade is with you every step of the way. We are extremely proud of our customer service standards.

Total Security Without Compromise

Your protection is our priority. LiveTrade takes every necessary precaution to keep our clients’ personal information and funds safe and secure while not compromise the user-friendliness of LiveTrade.

Integrity, Responsibility & Transparency

We understand that the long-term success of the company requires a business model that integrates integrity and ethical business as natural parts of daily business operations.

We Only Work with the Best in the World

To deliver the most reliable and convenient way to trade and invest in financial assets, LiveTrade connects our customers with the world’s largest brands, ranging from top exchanges and brokerages, liquidity providers, third party payment providers, etc.


There’s nothing quite like the feeling of belonging…

Whether you are a trader, an investor, a business client or an individual looking for a chance to make your dreams come true. Together we can all make a difference.

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